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A Better Lure

Experience the ultimate fishing experience with Redemption Fishing Lures. Our commitment is to provide you the highest quality lures with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring your fishing trip is a success. Our products are designed to help you catch more fish. If you want to hear it scream, you must redeem.


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Why Redemption?

Built by Fisherman for Fisherman in the USA

Redemption Fishing Lures are built for fishermen who demand the best. Our lures are made in the USA with top-quality materials and are designed to attract fish. We take pride in creating lures that actually work, and we've spent countless hours perfecting our designs to ensure that they are effective and durable.

Lifetime Guarantee

At Redemption Fishing Lures, we stand behind the quality of our products. That's why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our fishing lures. If for any reason your lure becomes damaged or unusable, simply return it to us and we'll make it like new and get it back to you.

Build the

Perfect Lure

Step 1
Choose Head

Start by selecting the ideal head weight for your fishing conditions.  (ranging from 1 oz to 20 oz) Heavier heads are better suited for deeper water or strong currents, while lighter ones excel in shallow areas or calm water.

Step 2
 Head Color

Now it's time to choose your head color. Think about the baitfish in your area and select a color that mimics them for a natural look. If you prefer a bolder approach, choose bright and contrasting colors to pique the curiosity of fish.

Step 3
Style Your Skirt

Give your lure some personality by choosing two hair colors for its skirt. Stay true to nature by matching the baitfish in your area, or create a unique lure with contrasting colors for extra attention-grabbing power.

Step 4
Flashabou Flair

Take your lure's effectivness to the next level with Flashabou! This material adds a captivating flash and shimmer to your lure, mimicking the movement of scales and attracting the attention of hungry predators. Incorporate Flashabou and increase your chances of a big catch.

Fishing Lures

About Us

Here at Redemption Fishing Lures, we take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our lures are made to the highest standards possible, ensuring that they perform flawlessly in even the most challenging conditions. Our team of experienced craftsmen and designers know what it takes to catch fish, and we’ve infused that knowledge into every product we make. With a lifetime guarantee on every lure we sell, you can be sure that when you choose Redemption Fishing Lures, you’re making a great investment.

Fishing Lures Examples

When you Pray for Fish, Ask for Redemption

It's not just about the catch; it's about the heart-pounding fight, the scream of your reel as a trophy fish tears off line 50 miles out in churning seas. That's when you know you need the right lure. Redemption Lures are meticulously crafted, built for those moments. Redeem yourself from a slow day, a missed opportunity, and bring home the big one. Choose Redemption – handcrafted lures for unforgettable fishing experiences.

Fishing Lure with Reel
Fishing Lure Realistic
Lead Head Template

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